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The Nutrition Program which runs every day for the school year,

serves all the children at St. Eugene a healthy and well balanced morning snack.

It consists of a fruit or vegetable, whole grain and a dairy.

It is Subsidized by the provincial and municipal goverments,

run by the Angel Foundation and Foodshare in conjunction with the TCDSB.

We also depend on parent donations to help run this amazing program.

See the SNP MENU for our weekly menu (to Volunteer please click HERE)​



NEW!  Donations can now be accepted through the School Cash Online system. 

Access School Cash Online at https://tcdsb.schoolcashonline.com/.


Please sign in, or register, select the Items tab and then click the Make A Donation button.

Select the amount of the donation, or enter in a custom value.

In the Fund Destination drop down please select (Insert School Name).

In the Message to School Board box, type STUDENT NUTRITION PROGRAM

to ensure that your donation is directed to the nutrition program.


A donation receipt will be emailed to you upon completion of your cart checkout.

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