Have you ever thought about being more involved in your childs education? Wanting to have a voice but didn't know where to begin or who to speak to? Well you've found the place, Parent Council. Our grass roots advocacy and fundraising, along with moms and dads that make up our council family, is the place where actions become change and we make a difference in our childrens lives.

If you would like to join and want to be a voting member or nominate another parent, please click HERE and download the form.


Jennifer Di Francesco


I am so excited to be your Chair once again for 2018/2019. This is my third year on the parent council and second year as chair. I am blessed with two out of this world kids-who are my world, business owner and wife. We are all looking forward to building a strong and progressive council. We welcome forward thinking ideas and constructive dialogue.
Here's to a successful year for all our children!

Tanya Rocca



Gabriela Berloni




Paula Pheasant




Council Members

Voting Members

Jen Smith, Sera Pisani, Claudia Prospero, Anna Massara, Christine Honrado, Ada Antidormi, Claudia Baptista, Juan Rojas, Marcela Urgiles, Gregg Stolinski, Nuno Mano, Alicia Tolfo, Kemba Williams, Edwin Galaby and Darren Scopis,

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